Measuring Success

How do you measure success?  In our society today we appear to be completely obsessed with growth an money.  Most businesses are considered successful if  they earning a profit and unsuccessful if they are not.  The IT marketplace is ripe with companies who are out there to try and maximize their profits.  Most people in America aspire to wealth, and this is how they measure their own personal success as well.  People make $100,000 per year are thought to be more successful than people who make $80,000 per year.  There are other ways, however to measure success. 

Most open source projects measure success based on how many people are using their products.  People who write and maintain open source software need to make a living too, so they often charge moneys for services or request donations for their software.  In most cases charging money for services and software is not out of line with their goals.  It's hard to be motivated to enhance a product or increase its value when you are worried about the rent.  That being said, the product success is not generally measured by how much money its developers are making.  It is still measured by how many people are using it.   This model has had a dramatic effect on the software industry, and has been a moderating influence on the cost of technology solutions available. 

Are there parallel ways to measure personal success? Success of your business?  How does this question change the way you look at your data?